We provide a complete compliance & consultancy service under the following main Tax Heads:

Income Tax:

  • Have you non-P60 income? Dividends, Deposit Interest, Rental, Foreign or Trade Income?
  • Have you claimed all available reliefs to minimise your tax bill? Medical expenses, rent relief, pension contributions?
  • We can assist you in relation to filing your Income Tax/PAYE Anytime Return.

Corporation Tax:

  • Do you trade through a Ltd Company?
  • We can assist in relation to the following areas:
  • Filing of annual Corporation Tax Return & Form 46G
  • Advice in relation to Preliminary Tax payable
  • Close Company Surcharge calculation
  • Directors Loan Accounts
  • Lease & Hire Purchase Agreements

Capital Taxes:

Capital Gains Tax:

  • Have you disposed of/transferred shares/property/land?
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax (Gift/Inheritance Tax):
  • Have you received a Gift or Inheritance?
  • We can assist by advising you of tax implications of same to include:
  • Preparation of Tax Computation
    Advice in relation to reliefs available to minimise liability
    Preparation & submission of relevant Capital Taxes Returns to Revenue


  • Are you filing your VAT Returns correctly?
  • Are you aware of the VAT Registration Thresholds for Services & Goods?
    Are you charging VAT in accordance with the VAT 2/3rds rule (where applicable)?
    Did you know you must pay back to Revenue VAT on Purchase Invoices which remian unpaid
    for a period of 6 months?
  • We offer a dedicated Book-Keeping service where we record all your Sales & Purchase
    Invoices and complete your Bank Reconciliations
    We can also file your VAT Returns to include declaration of EU Acquisitions, VIES Returns
    Return of Trading Details.
    (please see our sister Company website for further details)


  • Do you understand the legal & tax implications of employing your employees?
  • We can provide assistance in relation to:
  • Contracts of Employment
    Calculation of Gross & Net wages payments to Employees
    Travel & Subsistence records to be maintained
    Redundancy Calculations
    Filing of all relevant Revenue Returns
  • We can also offer a dedicated payroll processing service:
    (please see our sister Company website)

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of our services in further detail.